Ziplines to be Regulated After Recent Deaths

Two recent deaths in the region caught the attention of local lawmakers and resulted in North Carolina passing a new law to regulate the use of ziplines. H.B. 39 increases the civil and criminal penalties for violations pertaining to certain aerial amusement devices.  This includes ropes, pendulum swings, and the increasingly popular ziplines.  It was … Read more

Fighting Back Against Nursing Home Abuse in North Carolina

Abuse of the elderly is a growing problem throughout the country.  This is especially problematic as our aging population grows and more families make use of long-term care and nursing home facilities.  It is important that you and your elderly family members know the risks and the tools you have at your disposal. Elder abuse … Read more

South Carolina May Leave Worker’s Compensation Behind

In an interesting move at the state’s capitol, a bill was introduced to fundamentally alter how worker’s compensation coverage is provided to hard-working South Carolinians. H.B. 4197, also known as the “South Carolina Employee Injury Benefit Plan Alternative” was introduced earlier this summer.  The bill would allow businesses to opt-out of the current state worker’s … Read more

Hospital Dispute Systems Do Not Help Medical Malpractice Victims

The Wall Street Journal recently addressed a growing trend in medical malpractice claims and how they are handled outside of the tort system, as well as how the new systems hurt victims of malpractice. Resolution Systems In an effort to limit medical malpractice lawsuits, many states and hospitals have instituted resolution systems that are outside … Read more

Takata Recall Affects 34 Million Cars and a Countless Number of Victims

As many have probably read, the Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata has expanded its record-breaking recall to almost 34 million vehicles.  The decision to issue the massive recall comes after the company’s bitter efforts to resist regulatory interference. The Recall Takata’s recall involves both driver side and passenger side air bags.  It builds on various regional … Read more

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